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Model, explore, characterize, bank, inject, extract, treat, and predict all your subsurface needs with everything groundwater at the 2015 NGWA Groundwater Summit.


Conference program

The call for abstracts for the 2015 Groundwater Summit closed September 28, 2014. Submissions are currently under review. Once the selection process is completed, the online conference program lineup will be posted. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for updates.


Conference highlights

Pillars of Groundwater Innovation


NGWA is integrating its second Pillars of Groundwater Innovation event into the 2015 Groundwater Summit, in which John A. Cherry, Ph.D., and R. Allan Freeze, Ph.D., will keynote Tuesday’s session devoted to their groundbreaking work on the 35th anniversary of the publication of the textbook Groundwater.


Assimilation Capacity of Groundwater Systems: Re-examination of an Old Concept
presented by John A. Cherry, Ph.D.
John A. Cherry, Ph.D.

John A. Cherry, Ph.D.


John A. Cherry, Ph.D., is the director of the University Consortium for Field-Focused Groundwater Contamination Research, associate director of G360 Centre for Applied Groundwater G360 — The Centre for Groundwater Research, and adjunct professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph. In addition, he continues research as a distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Waterloo from which he retired in 2006, having joined the institution in 1971 for field research on the migration and fate of contaminants in groundwater and their remediation.

Cherry served as the first NGWREF Darcy Lecturer, and is a recipient of NGWA’s M. King Hubbert and Life Member awards. He holds geological engineering degrees from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of California, Berkley, and a Ph.D. in hydrogeology from the University of Illinois.


Hydrogeological Decision Analysis — Revisited
presented by R. Allan Freeze, Ph.D.
R. Allan Freeze, Ph.D.

R. Allan Freeze, Ph.D.


R. Allan Freeze, Ph.D., is a leader and mentor in hydrogeology. He has taught, advised, and inspired generations of students and researchers. Freeze’s scientific contributions are extremely diverse. e.g., groundwater systems, stochastic analysis of subsurface flow, streamflow generation, waste disposal and management, land subsidence, hydrogeological decision analysis, risk assessment and data worth, history of science. His services to the profession have been recognized by numerous awards including NGWA’s M. King Hubbert and Life Member awards.


State-of-the-Practice on Addressing Perfluoroalkyl Compound Impacts
presented by Rula A. Deeb, Ph.D., BCEEM, PMP
Rula A. Deeb, Ph.D., BCEEM, PMP

Rula A. Deeb, Ph.D., BCEEM, PMP


Rula A. Deeb, Ph.D., BCEEM, PMP, is a principal civil and environmental engineer based in California. She has more than 25 years of experience in private practice and academia addressing the cross-media fate and transport of contaminants and the remediation of complex soil and groundwater sites impacted by non-aqueous phase liquids. Deeb’s research and investigations during the past two decades have promoted awareness and improved the understanding of the sources, occurrence, fate and transport, and behavior of several of the most challenging environmental contaminants to date. She’s also engaged in the National Academy of Engineering’s Frontiers of Engineering program, which brings together emerging engineering leaders from industry, academia, and government to discuss pioneering technical work and leading-edge research in various engineering fields and industry sectors.

Deeb earned her doctorate in civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and has received numerous accolades including being selected as a National Science Foundation Engineering Education Scholar for Excellence in Engineering Education, and receiving a Berkeley Engineering Innovation Young Outstanding Leader Award and an Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council’s Industry Recognition Award.


2015 Summit committee

  • William Cunningham — cochair
  • David Lipson, Ph.D. — cochair
  • Brent Aigler
  • William Alley, Ph.D.
  • Peter Cook, Ph.D.
  • Robert Mace, Ph.D.
  • Mary Musick
  • J.P. Nicot, Ph.D.
  • Ken Rainwater, Ph.D.
  • Cathryn Ryan, Ph.D.
  • Andrew P. Schmidt, PG
  • Susan Stover


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